You are nothing special

Got triggered just by the title? There, there, don’t get your panties in a twist.

So yeah, of course, you are special. All of you are, in your own particular ways. And, of course, you are unique. You are all unique and special on a fundamental level.

And yet, most of the things you do, want and desire are nothing special at all. Your problems are not special, your illnesses are not special, and nothing about your life is special. All the basics are, in fact, not special but universal.

You probably share your fate with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other people.

There are tried and true solutions for all your problems and needs. You do not need something special to try them, nor do you require special versions of available solutions. You don’t need to wait for a special time to do so.

It might feel like personal choices and preferences are a great thing, freedom, so to speak. But do not fall into the trap of believing that just because it’s your choice, it’s also the right choice. You might not be half as bright as you think you are. You probably aren’t.

So what is this post about, then? What do you take away from not being special or unique?

It is this: You do not need to look for special people to help you. There is no need to follow some influencer who thinks they are special. Many will feel that they are brighter, more intelligent, or even better than you. They are not. They are more visible, good at marketing, entertaining, or whatever.

Question everything. Make up your own mind, listen to your own experiences, and look for other people’s experiences. But take those for what they are: personal experiences.

People like me will tell you what’s best for you based on their experiences. And for me, those experiences work well. They might not work for you at all.

That is why we have invented science. To collect experiences and extrapolate universal truths. But not every study is based on science. Many are just collections of anecdotal evidence of a tiny sample space.

Some things are science by nature, though. For example, humanity has survived for hundreds of thousands of years without having any of the modern foodstuffs. So there is simply no contest in the sample space. Modern foodstuffs can simply not be an essential staple of nutrition. Yes, I do like to use food as my go-to example. And why not. We can all relate to it 🙂

Vegan diets might work for some. The Keto diet might work for some, it is working great for me. Just eating sugar might work for some very special people. I don’t know of any, but it might. I am sure you will find some YouTuber telling you it’s OK to just eat candy.

Question everything, but do not dismiss history. Listen to people on the internet, but ask yourself this: Would this advice be valid 10.000 years ago? And if not, why not? We did survive and thrive without it? Boil it down to the basics. Then look up the basics. They are easier to dissect and understand. If something is invalid on the fundamental level, it will be invalid in the extreme as well.

Take this example: Many will tell you that health at any weight is a thing. Stop fat-shaming people. It’s fine. It’s their choice. You can be fat and totally healthy. Then again: Have you ever seen a fat 90-year-old? Have you? How come? This should make you stop and think about the validity of such outrageous statements being fed to you. Reality does not reflect them at all.

You are nothing special, despite people telling you that you are. They usually want to sell something to you to further their own agenda.

All your problems have been experienced by a lot of other people. So go ahead and learn from them; go the easy route. That is what civilization is for, after all. Join the community of non-special people. Be a true human being. Stop wasting time and resources on trying to be this unique flower. Instead, invest them in helping others to be healthy and educated. We want a world with happy, healthy, and educated people rather than a world full of unhappy, unhealthy special people. Don’t we?

Yeah, I kinda drifted away from the special thing here. I don’t care. I’m not very organized, and my mind drifts off. I am working on it. But I also have the urge to post things.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Have a nice day 🙂

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