General Human Diet You All Must Adhere To Unless You Want To Be A Moron Destroying The World And Should Be Locked Up Because You Suck So Much And Have No Functioning Brain Because You Are An Addict And Need To Wake Up

That was a mouthful.

What is a General Human Diet then?
It is pretty much whatever you want unless it is processed, manufactured, or artificial.

You require a fair amount of protein, and a fair amount of fat, depending on your actual body composition. You require vitamins and minerals. That is pretty much all you require. Notice that there is no Coffee in there, or Sugar. Or any carbohydrate for that matter.

If you are a carnivore, you are lucky, you can get most, if not all of the stuff from the meat you eat, that is, if you are eating most of the animal and not just the lean bits. Fat, Organs, and Muscles. Chew on a bone too, if you are in the mood. You’d have to consume about a pound of meat per day, on average of course.

You can mix it up by adding other food sources, probably reducing meat to less than a quarter of a kg or less. Eat Eggs, dairy, Nuts, and Vegetables. The important thing is, to get your Vitamins and Minerals in, get your bioavailable protein.

If you are Vegan, this might be a bit harder, but certainly not impossible. But why bother? I won’t. If you are Vegan, you can look it up yourself somewhere. It does not feel natural to me at all, and I won’t support a Vegan Lifestyle. Simply because veganism started with philosophy, and philosophy shouldn’t have an impact on how real things work.

The main thing is not what to eat, but what to leave behind. Stop being an addict and start eating for health.

And do not be fooled, you are an addict. no better than doing heroin or cocaine. Do you need your morning coffee? How come others can do just fine without it? Do you need your sweets to feel good or to raise your mood? To feel complete even? How is that better than a weed addict needing their evening smoke to go to bed?

I’ll answer this for you: It is not. It is exactly the same. Your addiction distorts your perceptions, making you do things you do not need to do at all. While Billions of others do not.

Got rid of added sugars, processed foods, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and all that useless junk. It’s not just you eating it. It’s being produced, packed, carted around the world, eaten by you, creating junk, waste, and trash at every stop in the chain. Costs money you have to pay, eventually. Creating health problems you have to pay for too. You are hurting yourself and all the people around you. Just like every other addict you might be pitying. You suck just as much and aren’t even a tiny bit better. You might be even worse off because you do not even realize what a moron you are.

Humanity has thrived and survived for Millions of years, and for the last 2.500 years people started to think about “doing it better”. How ignorant and arrogant can our species be, believing that we can do better while seeing it getting worse all around us?

Wake up.

Stop sucking so much, please!!

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