Stop being ignorant

To start with a small note: If you do not have any troubles or problems, this post is not for you. You might not be an idiot. Or you might be very lucky. Or perhaps it is just too soon to make that assessment.

This post is for people who do have problems and troubles, including

  • Being overweight
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Having bad digestions
  • Having no energy
  • Being sick or achy all the time
  • Having mood swings
  • Having Disorders of any kind

And perhaps some more. It does not matter which of those problems you might have or all of them; I don’t care all that much. And why should I? It is basically your life. Unless you are a german and are raising the cost of Public Healthcare, you contribute to my problems and troubles by unnecessarily raising my fees.

Or perhaps by being boss, making my life and work more taxing than it needs to be by being an ass all the time, just because you can’t manage your life. But that’s only marginal; I could switch jobs. Right now, I like the job more than I dislike you, so I’ll stay.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way, really. You probably don’t know better, don’t believe in change, or haven’t realized yet that all your problems are your own. I own my life, which is very liberating. You should try it.

What makes you an idiot is not addressing your problems but living ignorantly, making things worse and worse as you progress. But, again, this is not for people who do not have troubles in those areas.

Are you overweight and unhappy about it? Stop eating junk. Stop eating sugar, stop eating all the time and, restrict your food intake, be hungry for half a day. Why not?

Do something. But stop bickering about it and stop chasing miracle cures. There is no easy way out; there is only the responsible way. Eating healthy things in healthy amounts at healthy times. You will feel better in no time. You don’t even have to exercise. Exercise is for your inner organs and muscles; it has almost no effect on weight. Food choices and eating habits do. Stop being an idiot and start addressing your problems. Stop telling yourself that you will miss your treats and have earned a cheat day. A cheat day from what? Being healthy? Being in the body you want to be in? Would you recommend a cheat day to an alcoholic? “Oh, come on, Kevin, you can get drunk twice a month, live a little.” Stop being a moronic ass, please and start working on your bad habits.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Then for the sake of your deity or philosophy of choice, stop drinking coffee, stop taking stimulants, and stop eating things that raise your metabolism in the afternoon or evening. Taking pills and medications to make things better won’t help you in the long run; they will just add to your list of problems in the future. Yes, you might be one of the people who are sensitive to stimulants. The only responsible way out is simply not taking them. Life without Coca-Cola is possible. Life without caffeine is too. Telling yourself that those contribute to your quality of life is moronic because you know full well that the opposite is true. Reminds you of anything? Yes. Drug Addiction. Stop being an idiot and just cut out the parts of life hurting you. It does not matter if you find them enjoyable. Being on a Heroin Rush is enjoyable, too, I’d bet.

Do you have bad digestion? This is pretty much the overweight thing again. The stuff you eat does not seem to agree with how you live. Change it. What I wrong with you? You will feed your dog digestive special foods and go to the vet with your cat if she’s pooping wrong, but you won’t stop eating crap because you like junk so much that you are willing to suffer all day long for it? Can you tell that to yourself and not feel like an idiot? You clearly know what’s wrong; you can see it in others. But you are willing to ignore it for yourself because of what, because you can’t bring yourself to stop eating something or start eating something else? How far removed from reality are you that you believe that the things you are eating are entirely your choice? There are things that you simply need and require. There is no free will if you want to be healthy. There simply is not. Freedom always has consequences. You are free to eat what you want, but you are also free to suffer. Stop being an idiot and start feeding your body, not your cravings and addictions.

Do you suffer from neurological conditions? You have maybe Epilepsy, ADHD, IBD, or any of those. But you still try to live like anyone else? Come on. Stop it already. Start doing the things that are recommended by experts. Start changing your life according to your needs. Adjust your goals and expectations. You can probably manage your condition fine, possibly even getting rid of any medication, by simply not trying to lead a normal life. So what if you have to fast 2 days a week, so what if you have to go on keto and cut out any sugar from your diet? It’s just a different style of living; you will adjust and probably feel great afterward. Stop being an idiot and most of all, stop being a victim. You might be able to blame someone for making you have your illness, but it is entirely up to you to manage it. It is your life, and you are in the best position to make changes. Nobody else is going to do it for you. Stop being a moronic ignorant idiot. Start now.

I feel like you are getting the general direction I’m moving towards here. Yes, you are a free person with free will and you can do as you please. But man, your freedom has brought you here; your freedom did this to you. You are in your situation because you made all the wrong choices. Half the things we believed were hereditary actually aren’t. They are self-induced and, in many cases, can be reversed. We knew this thousands of years ago, but we got so addicted to food and entertainment/distraction that we simply forgot.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Start making good decisions instead. The old habits you hold so dear, the Afternoon Coffee, the Pizza and Burger Day, the late night snack, that chocolate bar you have earned for doing the dishes, are making you worse and worse. You are not giving yourself a treat; you are actually punishing yourself. You don’t even have to go all out changing everything. Simply start with cutting out the obvious things first. The rest will follow almost automatically because your unbelievable success will drive you further and further.

Don’t try miracle drugs or miracle diets, do not compromise. If you are fat, stop eating junk. You’d be surprised how hard it is to overeat normal foods. Cut out sugar, period. When you can manage your weight, you can start consuming small amounts of junk again, no problem, healthy people can tolerate these things. I’d bet that you won’t want to though

You can’t sleep? Stop taking stimulants of any kind. Cut them all out. Nobody needs stimulants. Seriously. It’s the biggest food scam of our time. The notion of coffee is a good and required substance.

Stop punishing and harming yourself with half-assed goals and cheat days.

You are not “living a little”; you are dying a little faster.

Stop being a moron, please! Start now.

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