Stop buying high-quality but ultimately useless things, please!

And stop buying junk all together 

Hello, my fellow worlders. In this post, I want to convince you that being a worlder is, in fact, a terrible idea. I want to make a point for being a local guy, living and existing in your local area.

There is nothing wrong with having an interest in the whole world, of course, or even space! Keep an open mind, and be educated. Learn something new every day.

But please do not be fooled by our great profit-driven marketing telling you that the best salt to consume comes from the Himalayas, that avocado is a must-have superfood, or chia seeds are the staple of healthy living. Even drinking coffee, which is a ridiculously wasteful business. This list could go on and on, and it will contain a lot of stuff that currently makes up your daily life. And it is destroying not the planet but the planet we’d like to live on for sure.

All your cravings and desires have been trained into you. You have been indoctrinated since childbirth, probably with sweet “treats”, even though they are nothing more than drugs and pacifiers, luxurious “rewards” even though they are nothing more than procrastination and waste of time and energy and resources. You have been told that exclusive stuff is something you need to have to be successful or, indeed, to be happy and healthy.

And I am not even talking about junk foods like sugary snacks, chips, and microwave dinners here. I am talking about whole foods, healthy foods, and superfoods that you really do not need at all.

The fact is that you can survive and thrive just fine with stuff grown or made in a 100-kilometer radius. There are alternatives for almost any exotic foodstuff or item you might want to have. Sure, get the big flat screen TV from Taiwan, and import your mobile phone from China; that is something to tackle later in another post.

For now, focus on food and day-to-day items. All of these will only count if you do not actually live in a region where they are growing naturally 🙂

Apart from maybe coffee, nobody actually needs drugs. Perhaps from time to time, but certainly not daily. Daily drugs are nothing more than an addiction; addiction is ALWAYS wasteful.

And does it have to be coffee? Have you checked out local crops that have caffeine? Green and black teas, for example. And do you really want to consume coffee at all? Why get drugged every day when you can exist just fine or even better without it?

Do you really need to eat avocado? Sure, it has some unique nutritional value. But so do other things like nuts and eggs. Nobody needs avocados being shipped around the world.

Neither do we need exotic fruit being mass produced, treated for month-long journeys, and then finally being sold 6000 kilometers away from their original location. Many websites, doctors, and dietitians proclaim the “best fruit to eat” and “the healthiest fruits you need” and whatnot, but they are mostly only marginally better than fruit growing in your area or even in your own garden.

While we are not our ancestors anymore, and our lives have changed considerably, it’s indisputable that our ancestors survived and thrived on local goods. We still can. And we could cut our costs in half, if not more. And the strain on the economy, the waste of resources, and the slavery connected to the production of those items happening worldwide.

Your internet won’t stop existing if you’d stop eating stuff being shipped from halfway around the world.
Your tech company would not feel a dent if McDonald’s ceased to exist.
And you do not need creams and lotions made from plants growing only in some regions of the planet.
You do not need fruit juice; stop buying that poison. It is not healthy and is nothing more than a total waste of fruit.

Stop eating junk. It is not a treat. It is not a reward. It is nothing you actually want. You do not need it to be happy. It will not help your when you are down. It will not make things better. That's all just brainwashing and actually making you sick, our situation worse and your bank account more empty.
Only eat stuff from your area. You will be fine!

These are simple and minor changes, often even making things way more manageable in the process. And making things way cheaper in the long run too.

Imagine getting food that is just a day or two old instead of vegetables that have been shipped and carted around the globe for months. Suck it up and start living like a normal person; stop being manipulated by big business. Your desire for bananas, kiwis, and coffee is nothing more than good marketing and brainwashing.

Stop being a victim! And stop wasting so much time and so many resources. Please!

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