You are nothing special

Got triggered just by the title? There, there, don’t get your panties in a twist.

So yeah, of course, you are special. All of you are, in your own particular ways. And, of course, you are unique. You are all unique and special on a fundamental level.

And yet, most of the things you do, want and desire are nothing special at all. Your problems are not special, your illnesses are not special, and nothing about your life is special. All the basics are, in fact, not special but universal.

You probably share your fate with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of other people.

There are tried and true solutions for all your problems and needs. You do not need something special to try them, nor do you require special versions of available solutions. You don’t need to wait for a special time to do so.

It might feel like personal choices and preferences are a great thing, freedom, so to speak. But do not fall into the trap of believing that just because it’s your choice, it’s also the right choice. You might not be half as bright as you think you are. You probably aren’t.

So what is this post about, then? What do you take away from not being special or unique?

It is this: You do not need to look for special people to help you. There is no need to follow some influencer who thinks they are special. Many will feel that they are brighter, more intelligent, or even better than you. They are not. They are more visible, good at marketing, entertaining, or whatever.

Question everything. Make up your own mind, listen to your own experiences, and look for other people’s experiences. But take those for what they are: personal experiences.

People like me will tell you what’s best for you based on their experiences. And for me, those experiences work well. They might not work for you at all.

That is why we have invented science. To collect experiences and extrapolate universal truths. But not every study is based on science. Many are just collections of anecdotal evidence of a tiny sample space.

Some things are science by nature, though. For example, humanity has survived for hundreds of thousands of years without having any of the modern foodstuffs. So there is simply no contest in the sample space. Modern foodstuffs can simply not be an essential staple of nutrition. Yes, I do like to use food as my go-to example. And why not. We can all relate to it 🙂

Vegan diets might work for some. The Keto diet might work for some, it is working great for me. Just eating sugar might work for some very special people. I don’t know of any, but it might. I am sure you will find some YouTuber telling you it’s OK to just eat candy.

Question everything, but do not dismiss history. Listen to people on the internet, but ask yourself this: Would this advice be valid 10.000 years ago? And if not, why not? We did survive and thrive without it? Boil it down to the basics. Then look up the basics. They are easier to dissect and understand. If something is invalid on the fundamental level, it will be invalid in the extreme as well.

Take this example: Many will tell you that health at any weight is a thing. Stop fat-shaming people. It’s fine. It’s their choice. You can be fat and totally healthy. Then again: Have you ever seen a fat 90-year-old? Have you? How come? This should make you stop and think about the validity of such outrageous statements being fed to you. Reality does not reflect them at all.

You are nothing special, despite people telling you that you are. They usually want to sell something to you to further their own agenda.

All your problems have been experienced by a lot of other people. So go ahead and learn from them; go the easy route. That is what civilization is for, after all. Join the community of non-special people. Be a true human being. Stop wasting time and resources on trying to be this unique flower. Instead, invest them in helping others to be healthy and educated. We want a world with happy, healthy, and educated people rather than a world full of unhappy, unhealthy special people. Don’t we?

Yeah, I kinda drifted away from the special thing here. I don’t care. I’m not very organized, and my mind drifts off. I am working on it. But I also have the urge to post things.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Have a nice day 🙂


General Human Diet You All Must Adhere To Unless You Want To Be A Moron Destroying The World And Should Be Locked Up Because You Suck So Much And Have No Functioning Brain Because You Are An Addict And Need To Wake Up

That was a mouthful.

What is a General Human Diet then?
It is pretty much whatever you want unless it is processed, manufactured, or artificial.

You require a fair amount of protein, and a fair amount of fat, depending on your actual body composition. You require vitamins and minerals. That is pretty much all you require. Notice that there is no Coffee in there, or Sugar. Or any carbohydrate for that matter.

If you are a carnivore, you are lucky, you can get most, if not all of the stuff from the meat you eat, that is, if you are eating most of the animal and not just the lean bits. Fat, Organs, and Muscles. Chew on a bone too, if you are in the mood. You’d have to consume about a pound of meat per day, on average of course.

You can mix it up by adding other food sources, probably reducing meat to less than a quarter of a kg or less. Eat Eggs, dairy, Nuts, and Vegetables. The important thing is, to get your Vitamins and Minerals in, get your bioavailable protein.

If you are Vegan, this might be a bit harder, but certainly not impossible. But why bother? I won’t. If you are Vegan, you can look it up yourself somewhere. It does not feel natural to me at all, and I won’t support a Vegan Lifestyle. Simply because veganism started with philosophy, and philosophy shouldn’t have an impact on how real things work.

The main thing is not what to eat, but what to leave behind. Stop being an addict and start eating for health.

And do not be fooled, you are an addict. no better than doing heroin or cocaine. Do you need your morning coffee? How come others can do just fine without it? Do you need your sweets to feel good or to raise your mood? To feel complete even? How is that better than a weed addict needing their evening smoke to go to bed?

I’ll answer this for you: It is not. It is exactly the same. Your addiction distorts your perceptions, making you do things you do not need to do at all. While Billions of others do not.

Got rid of added sugars, processed foods, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and all that useless junk. It’s not just you eating it. It’s being produced, packed, carted around the world, eaten by you, creating junk, waste, and trash at every stop in the chain. Costs money you have to pay, eventually. Creating health problems you have to pay for too. You are hurting yourself and all the people around you. Just like every other addict you might be pitying. You suck just as much and aren’t even a tiny bit better. You might be even worse off because you do not even realize what a moron you are.

Humanity has thrived and survived for Millions of years, and for the last 2.500 years people started to think about “doing it better”. How ignorant and arrogant can our species be, believing that we can do better while seeing it getting worse all around us?

Wake up.

Stop sucking so much, please!!


Stop being ignorant

To start with a small note: If you do not have any troubles or problems, this post is not for you. You might not be an idiot. Or you might be very lucky. Or perhaps it is just too soon to make that assessment.

This post is for people who do have problems and troubles, including

  • Being overweight
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Having bad digestions
  • Having no energy
  • Being sick or achy all the time
  • Having mood swings
  • Having Disorders of any kind

And perhaps some more. It does not matter which of those problems you might have or all of them; I don’t care all that much. And why should I? It is basically your life. Unless you are a german and are raising the cost of Public Healthcare, you contribute to my problems and troubles by unnecessarily raising my fees.

Or perhaps by being boss, making my life and work more taxing than it needs to be by being an ass all the time, just because you can’t manage your life. But that’s only marginal; I could switch jobs. Right now, I like the job more than I dislike you, so I’ll stay.

And I don’t mean that in a bad way, really. You probably don’t know better, don’t believe in change, or haven’t realized yet that all your problems are your own. I own my life, which is very liberating. You should try it.

What makes you an idiot is not addressing your problems but living ignorantly, making things worse and worse as you progress. But, again, this is not for people who do not have troubles in those areas.

Are you overweight and unhappy about it? Stop eating junk. Stop eating sugar, stop eating all the time and, restrict your food intake, be hungry for half a day. Why not?

Do something. But stop bickering about it and stop chasing miracle cures. There is no easy way out; there is only the responsible way. Eating healthy things in healthy amounts at healthy times. You will feel better in no time. You don’t even have to exercise. Exercise is for your inner organs and muscles; it has almost no effect on weight. Food choices and eating habits do. Stop being an idiot and start addressing your problems. Stop telling yourself that you will miss your treats and have earned a cheat day. A cheat day from what? Being healthy? Being in the body you want to be in? Would you recommend a cheat day to an alcoholic? “Oh, come on, Kevin, you can get drunk twice a month, live a little.” Stop being a moronic ass, please and start working on your bad habits.

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Then for the sake of your deity or philosophy of choice, stop drinking coffee, stop taking stimulants, and stop eating things that raise your metabolism in the afternoon or evening. Taking pills and medications to make things better won’t help you in the long run; they will just add to your list of problems in the future. Yes, you might be one of the people who are sensitive to stimulants. The only responsible way out is simply not taking them. Life without Coca-Cola is possible. Life without caffeine is too. Telling yourself that those contribute to your quality of life is moronic because you know full well that the opposite is true. Reminds you of anything? Yes. Drug Addiction. Stop being an idiot and just cut out the parts of life hurting you. It does not matter if you find them enjoyable. Being on a Heroin Rush is enjoyable, too, I’d bet.

Do you have bad digestion? This is pretty much the overweight thing again. The stuff you eat does not seem to agree with how you live. Change it. What I wrong with you? You will feed your dog digestive special foods and go to the vet with your cat if she’s pooping wrong, but you won’t stop eating crap because you like junk so much that you are willing to suffer all day long for it? Can you tell that to yourself and not feel like an idiot? You clearly know what’s wrong; you can see it in others. But you are willing to ignore it for yourself because of what, because you can’t bring yourself to stop eating something or start eating something else? How far removed from reality are you that you believe that the things you are eating are entirely your choice? There are things that you simply need and require. There is no free will if you want to be healthy. There simply is not. Freedom always has consequences. You are free to eat what you want, but you are also free to suffer. Stop being an idiot and start feeding your body, not your cravings and addictions.

Do you suffer from neurological conditions? You have maybe Epilepsy, ADHD, IBD, or any of those. But you still try to live like anyone else? Come on. Stop it already. Start doing the things that are recommended by experts. Start changing your life according to your needs. Adjust your goals and expectations. You can probably manage your condition fine, possibly even getting rid of any medication, by simply not trying to lead a normal life. So what if you have to fast 2 days a week, so what if you have to go on keto and cut out any sugar from your diet? It’s just a different style of living; you will adjust and probably feel great afterward. Stop being an idiot and most of all, stop being a victim. You might be able to blame someone for making you have your illness, but it is entirely up to you to manage it. It is your life, and you are in the best position to make changes. Nobody else is going to do it for you. Stop being a moronic ignorant idiot. Start now.

I feel like you are getting the general direction I’m moving towards here. Yes, you are a free person with free will and you can do as you please. But man, your freedom has brought you here; your freedom did this to you. You are in your situation because you made all the wrong choices. Half the things we believed were hereditary actually aren’t. They are self-induced and, in many cases, can be reversed. We knew this thousands of years ago, but we got so addicted to food and entertainment/distraction that we simply forgot.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food

Start making good decisions instead. The old habits you hold so dear, the Afternoon Coffee, the Pizza and Burger Day, the late night snack, that chocolate bar you have earned for doing the dishes, are making you worse and worse. You are not giving yourself a treat; you are actually punishing yourself. You don’t even have to go all out changing everything. Simply start with cutting out the obvious things first. The rest will follow almost automatically because your unbelievable success will drive you further and further.

Don’t try miracle drugs or miracle diets, do not compromise. If you are fat, stop eating junk. You’d be surprised how hard it is to overeat normal foods. Cut out sugar, period. When you can manage your weight, you can start consuming small amounts of junk again, no problem, healthy people can tolerate these things. I’d bet that you won’t want to though

You can’t sleep? Stop taking stimulants of any kind. Cut them all out. Nobody needs stimulants. Seriously. It’s the biggest food scam of our time. The notion of coffee is a good and required substance.

Stop punishing and harming yourself with half-assed goals and cheat days.

You are not “living a little”; you are dying a little faster.

Stop being a moron, please! Start now.


Stop buying high-quality but ultimately useless things, please!

And stop buying junk all together 

Hello, my fellow worlders. In this post, I want to convince you that being a worlder is, in fact, a terrible idea. I want to make a point for being a local guy, living and existing in your local area.

There is nothing wrong with having an interest in the whole world, of course, or even space! Keep an open mind, and be educated. Learn something new every day.

But please do not be fooled by our great profit-driven marketing telling you that the best salt to consume comes from the Himalayas, that avocado is a must-have superfood, or chia seeds are the staple of healthy living. Even drinking coffee, which is a ridiculously wasteful business. This list could go on and on, and it will contain a lot of stuff that currently makes up your daily life. And it is destroying not the planet but the planet we’d like to live on for sure.

All your cravings and desires have been trained into you. You have been indoctrinated since childbirth, probably with sweet “treats”, even though they are nothing more than drugs and pacifiers, luxurious “rewards” even though they are nothing more than procrastination and waste of time and energy and resources. You have been told that exclusive stuff is something you need to have to be successful or, indeed, to be happy and healthy.

And I am not even talking about junk foods like sugary snacks, chips, and microwave dinners here. I am talking about whole foods, healthy foods, and superfoods that you really do not need at all.

The fact is that you can survive and thrive just fine with stuff grown or made in a 100-kilometer radius. There are alternatives for almost any exotic foodstuff or item you might want to have. Sure, get the big flat screen TV from Taiwan, and import your mobile phone from China; that is something to tackle later in another post.

For now, focus on food and day-to-day items. All of these will only count if you do not actually live in a region where they are growing naturally 🙂

Apart from maybe coffee, nobody actually needs drugs. Perhaps from time to time, but certainly not daily. Daily drugs are nothing more than an addiction; addiction is ALWAYS wasteful.

And does it have to be coffee? Have you checked out local crops that have caffeine? Green and black teas, for example. And do you really want to consume coffee at all? Why get drugged every day when you can exist just fine or even better without it?

Do you really need to eat avocado? Sure, it has some unique nutritional value. But so do other things like nuts and eggs. Nobody needs avocados being shipped around the world.

Neither do we need exotic fruit being mass produced, treated for month-long journeys, and then finally being sold 6000 kilometers away from their original location. Many websites, doctors, and dietitians proclaim the “best fruit to eat” and “the healthiest fruits you need” and whatnot, but they are mostly only marginally better than fruit growing in your area or even in your own garden.

While we are not our ancestors anymore, and our lives have changed considerably, it’s indisputable that our ancestors survived and thrived on local goods. We still can. And we could cut our costs in half, if not more. And the strain on the economy, the waste of resources, and the slavery connected to the production of those items happening worldwide.

Your internet won’t stop existing if you’d stop eating stuff being shipped from halfway around the world.
Your tech company would not feel a dent if McDonald’s ceased to exist.
And you do not need creams and lotions made from plants growing only in some regions of the planet.
You do not need fruit juice; stop buying that poison. It is not healthy and is nothing more than a total waste of fruit.

Stop eating junk. It is not a treat. It is not a reward. It is nothing you actually want. You do not need it to be happy. It will not help your when you are down. It will not make things better. That's all just brainwashing and actually making you sick, our situation worse and your bank account more empty.
Only eat stuff from your area. You will be fine!

These are simple and minor changes, often even making things way more manageable in the process. And making things way cheaper in the long run too.

Imagine getting food that is just a day or two old instead of vegetables that have been shipped and carted around the globe for months. Suck it up and start living like a normal person; stop being manipulated by big business. Your desire for bananas, kiwis, and coffee is nothing more than good marketing and brainwashing.

Stop being a victim! And stop wasting so much time and so many resources. Please!